What is a Micromouse?

A Micromouse is a small autonomous vehicle that is able to navigate its way through an unknown maze. The robot is self contained and battery operated and incorporates many aspects of electrical and computer engineering

Meet the team!

Our Micromouse team is made up of 4 Northeastern undergraduate electrical and computer engineers.

  • Billy Kalfus - Bachelors of Computer Engineering and Physics Class of 2020
  • Justin Xia - Bachelors of Computer Engineering Class of 2020
  • Kenneth Afriyie - Bachelors of Computer Engineering Class of 2020
  • Zhe Wu - Bachelors of Computer Electrical Engineering Class of 2019

We would like to thank our generous sponsor!

Our Robot

Our robot is comprised of a 3D printed chassis and a PCB. Our PCB was fabricated by Custom Circuit Boards.
We are really happy with the quality, cost and turnaround time and highly recommend them to anyone interested!