Weekly Chapter Meeting - Cipher Tech!

What: IEEE x Cipher Tech Solutions
When: Wednesday, November 4th at 11:45 am
Where: Zoom Link: https://northeastern.zoom.us/j/2163961849
Meeting ID: 216 396 1849
Why: This week Keith Bertolini from Cipher Tech Solutions will be coming to talk about An Introduction to the (Ninja) Arts of Data Carving & Steganography aka How to Defeat Terrorists and Spies from the Confines of Your IDE. Digital forensics can be described as the art of extracting evidence or intelligence from computers, flash drives, mobile devices, drones, game consoles, or just about any other piece of digital media in existence. Deleted data recovery (enabled by a technique called “Data Carving”) is oftentimes the cornerstone of these investigations. It’s equally important for forensic examiners to be able to locate and decode hidden data that’s specifically designed to subvert detection. Steganography techniques do just that, enabling secret communication channels between two parties who want to operate in the shadows.
During this presentation, we will discuss the conceptual fundamentals and the technical specifics behind both data carving and steganography, unveiling exactly how the underlying algorithms work. You’ll leave with enough information to write your own real-world but CSI-worthy forensic tools -- and a reputation that will prevent your friends from ever leaving you alone with their computers again.