Weekly Chapter Meeting - Pison!

What: Pison
When: Wednesday, September 25th, at 11:45am
Where: 210 Shillman
Why: This week we will be hosting our very first startup of the semester, Pison Technology!
Pison is a wearables company in Downtown Boston that focuses on assistive technology for those that suffer from ALS. Due to the limited eye-tracking/head-tracking devices that are available for people with limited or no motor control, communication can be very difficult, exhausting, and time intensive. Pison has developed a wearable device that can sense signals being sent through motor neurons and allow much quicker, more intuitive gesture-controlled communication. Lead research engineers Mike Kowalczyk and Sam Karnes will be discussing Pison's backstory, current research, and emerging military and consumer applications. I will also be hopping in to chat about what it's like to be a co-op at Pison, as well as more co-op/intern/full time opportunities available.