Weekly Chapter Meeting - Raytheon BBN!

What: Raytheon BBN
When: Wednesday, October 9th, at 11:45am
Where: 210 Shillman
Why: Please join us this week as we host Mike Mazzello, Northeastern alum and former IEEE president, for an introduction to Raytheon BBN!
BBN Technologies performs science and technology applied research & development, primarily for DARPA, IARPA, ONR, WHOI, and other research institutions -- efforts which are high-risk, high-reward. Mike's group, "Applied Physics", operates at the level that is essentially: "is this physically possible, within the laws of science? Can the physically possible occur in real-world conditions? Can the one-off proving of things in real-world conditions be transformed into a prototype system/device or a more mature product? Mike will be talking about the current cutting-edge technologies he is working on, what it's like to be in this field of development, as well as his background (NU ECE '08/ EE '12), current involvement at Northeastern, and co op / internship opportunities at Raytheon.