Weekly Meeting - IEEE Fall 2015 elections and Prof. Shashi Murthy (Sherman Center)

  • Posted on: 3 November 2014
  • By: admin

What: Fall 2015 Elections and Prof. Murthy, Founding Director of Sherman Center
Where: 308 Snell Engineering Center
Date: November 5, 2014
Time: 11:45am – 1:25pm

Prof. Shashi Murthy will present an informative talk describing the transition of a technology developed in his lab into a start-up company that now employs four people.

This Wednesday (11/5), we have Fall 2015 officer’s elections coming up. We have many 4 elected and 7 appointed positions.
Elected Positions

The face of the group outside of IEEE. Runs the weekly meetings and coordinates the group. Talks to incoming freshman/transfer students about what it is to be a member of IEEE, contacts and coordinates off-campus activities, and manages an agenda for the officers to follow at the weekly officer's
meetings. Note: To run for president, you must have held a former IEEE officer position for at least one semester.

Vice President
Works with the President to organize the activities and schedules for the semester. The Vice President also acquires the President’s responsibilities if the President is unavailable.

Takes attendance at our weekly meetings, and transcribes all of the officers meetings so we have an organized account of everything that was said at the meetings.

Maintains a proper balance sheet for the group. Tracks flow of money from our different accounts. Requests funding for different IEEE events. Processes refund requests for any IEEE related purchases, or any projects that we do throughout the year. Orders the pizzas we have at our weekly

Appointed Positions
(No formal voting required unless multiple candidates)

Student Government Association Representative
A representative for not only IEEE, but all of ECE in the student government. Responsibilities include attending SGA meetings, reporting meeting notes, and presenting ECE student concerns!

SAC Representative
A representative for IEEE at the College of Engineering's Student Activities Committee. Responsibilities include attending SAC meetings, presenting updates of IEEE activities, sharing ideas with other representatives of other student groups, reporting meeting notes, and running one SAC meeting.

Public Relations
Helps advertise weekly meetings, posts flyers of our upcoming events as well as get the word out about IEEE.

Web Relations / Webmaster
Updates our website with weekly meeting information and other tidbits of IEEE related news. Manages the backend database and website code.

Project Coordinator – 2 positions
Designs, manages, and runs our how-to's and projects we do throughout the semester. If you love designing circuits or building programming labs, apply here!

Community Outreach Coordinator
Liaison between IEEE and Center for STEM education. Work closely with project coordinator and outreach partner (i.e. high-school, middle school, non-profit organization, etc.) and assist them with (outreach) events, creating eventbrite/flyer, etc